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There are so many opportunities for collaboration and freelance assignments in the online world. I imagine if you’ve found this page, you already understand that. I can assist your brand in content delivery and consistency.

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Though most of my work to this point has been done within the travel and nonprofit sector, I’m constantly looking to expand my horizon as far as my skill-set can take me. Here are some things I do. . .

Content Writing

Content writing is my main line of work. As they say in the digital age, “Content is king.” And it certainly is. A blog is one of the longest standing and most effective ways to drive traffic to your website. One study showed that 60% of brands who blog end up acquiring more customers.

Point blank, if you want to succeed — if you want your brand or website to succeed — in today’s world, you need to blog and blog well. That means publishing as often as possible!

Not only does blogging drive traffic, but it also establishes community around your brand and develops brand identity (a tone), and multiplies your original social media content.

Most SEO experts say in order to grow a website’s traffic, you should aim to publish (at least) one quality blog post per week. If you don’t have time to produce quality, helpful content, either contract it out or don’t even bother. A non-structured attempt at building a blog isn’t worth your effort. That’s where I come in.

For the clients listed below, I have written content on all of their sites. I have seven years of experience using WordPress and writing web-optimized content.

Content Updating

Today, updating existing content is just as crucial as racing to more new content. It gives your customer more information, it shows Google you haven’t forgotten to keep your information relevant and up to date, and it will ultimately lead to higher rankings within search results.

Tidying up, adding content, working out SEO strategies — it is all a part of updating posts which I can understand may not sound motivating. So, let me help!

Social Media Managing

Needless to say, if social media isn’t a part of your brand’s marketing strategy by now, you are years behind. Yesterday was the best day to start, but today is better than tomorrow.

A good brand strategy on social media can result in new audiences discovering your brand, a trusting community, a favorable brand image, and so much more! Don’t just go through the motions, do social media better than your competitors and you will gain your customer’s trust.

On-Page SEO

Companies who put out the content but don’t mind the SEO baffle me. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a necessary means to reducing competitors on the ever-exploding worldwide web.

SEO is just as important as the content itself and so many brands miss that. To be blunt, without optimizing your content for search engines, you won’t drive traffic no matter how many times you publish per week.

Keyword Research

Find out what your customers are searching on Google and how you can optimize your content to fit the search algorithm. It is almost like Keywords are the magic cheat code to blogging. Shhhhhh. . .

Keyword Research and On-Page SEO are almost one of the same but very different beasts to tame alone. Keyword Research isn’t hard — it is just time-consuming. If you have the time, great! If not, let me handle it for you.

Photo SEO/Meta-Optimizing

SO MANY brands and blogs miss out on this EASY opportunity to land more traffic. You’ve probably never considered that a click from Google Images holds the same value as a click from Google Search.

And photos are SO much easier to rank for since NO ONE optimizes their photos. Take advantage of this before people start realizing a magic secret.

Photo Editing

Like they say, “A photo is worth a thousand words,” but that means a great photo must be worth a million words. The quickest way to take your blog to the next level and increase the user experience is to awe your audience with stunning images. Especially if your blog’s niche is known for vivid visuals.

I guarantee my clients 100% satisfaction, whether I work with them on one project or a continued working relationship. These are some of the brands/people I’ve built a relationship with:


So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get your brand moving!

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