Adam’s engaging, well-researched exploration narratives depict his passions for slow travel and witnessing the affect time plays on modernity.

His expeditions center around the people and places he encounters.

An expedition is a planned passage through a particular region with a defined motive, whether for research or to tell a story through in-depth exploration.

Adam views exploration in the modern world as a time-based narrative; documenting a moment in time and drawing connections to history through people and places.

Therefore, his focus on expeditions is to connect readers to various realities across the world as they unravel in modern times.

More often than not, via overland passages that take him hundreds or even thousands of miles on foot, hitchhiking, sailing, etc. Slow travel; when one can admire the land and its people.

Most of the time, he travels alone. Sometimes, he’ll be joined by local fixers and/or translators. Other times, friends will join who double as a bad ass film/photography crew. There’s a new cast for every expedition.

Upcoming Expeditions:

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Expeditions To-Date:

  • 18,539 kilometers overland across the American West (2015-16)
  • 6,353 kilometers overland through Sub-Sahara Africa (2017)
  • 200 kilometers hiking/camping across the Faroe Islands archipelago (2017)
  • 4,504 kilometers overland across the Banana Pancake Trail in Southeast Asia (2019)