Adam follows in the footsteps of the holy Abraham across uneasy political borders of modern times.

In the Fall of 2023, Adam will set out, with a film crew, on a path approximating the journey of the legendary religious figure, Abraham (Ibrahim).

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  • Departure: 20 October, 2023
  • Length: 1,200km (3 months)
  • Countries: 6
  • Sponsorship: N/A

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Adam will travel overland, walking from where Abraham was allegedly born (Urfa, Turkey) to where he was eventually buried (Hebron, Palestine) — some 1,200 kilometers across what many consider to the most dangerous borders on Earth.

Stories related to Abraham and his family’s journey abound across the region, where it is said they relied heavily on the hospitality and goodness of people across religions. Nowadays, Abraham and his pilgrimage are held in high regard in three major world faiths — Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Adam will follow his holy footsteps, hoping to foster friendships across challenging divides of modern times as he traverses six countries; Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, and Palestine.

A new book is to follow. . .