CreativeVolunteer is a nonprofit organization Adam founded in 2020 to combat the need for affordable volunteer opportunities and educational cause-based work.

Below are some of the organization’s accomplishments and day-to-day tasks:

  • Established, optimized and enforced Bylaws and Business Plan to maintain consistency and high-quality standards across organizational operations.
  • Conducted target demographic research to scope out potential volunteers and identify advantageous trends.
  • Investigated and addressed business development challenges to proactively mitigate problems.
  • Introduced new matrix organizational plan with clear roles and responsibilities to enhance processes while ensuring quality and regulatory compliance.
  • Aligned organizational objectives with company mission, increasing volunteer sign-ups and organizational growth by collaboratively developing integrated strategies.
  • Cultivated forward-thinking, inclusive and performance-oriented organizational culture to lead industry in innovation and push progress.
  • Interviewed, supervised and motivated staff members to achieve optimal productivity.