Adam J. Cheshier is a writer and presenter with a passion for storytelling through time-based narrative.

Expeditions To-Date:

  • ~ 4,500 kilometers overland from Java to Papua New Guinea (coming 2023)
  • ~ 5,500 kilometers overland across the ancient Silk Road (coming 2023)
  • ~ 1,200 kilometers retracing Abraham’s Path through the Middle East (coming 2023)
  • 6,353 kilometers overland through Sub-Sahara Africa (2017)
  • 200 kilometers hiking/camping across the Faroe Islands archipelago (2017)
  • 4,504 kilometers overland across the Banana Pancake Trail in Southeast Asia (2019)
  • 18,539 kilometers overland across the American West (2015-16)

His work has taken him to far-reaching areas of the globe, including the majestic landscapes found just south of the Arctic Circle in the Faroe Islands, remote jungle villages of northern Laos, and the terrorist-ridden Atlas Mountain Range of northern Algeria. His obsession with documentation of modernization collides with a thirst for adrenaline in some of the lesser-researched ‘destinations’ of today – you can learn more about those here.

September 2017

In 2015, he began work on his debut book, a book of stories and letters home entitled, “An Expatriate of a Confused World”. Detailing the trials and tribulations of an expat navigating today’s backward immigration systems, border politics, and long-held stereotypes. It has since been distributed and read all across the world.

In 2017, he set out to document life in a ‘dangerous’ South African bush village. In his memoir, “62 Days of Sub-Saharan Africa”, Adam shares his observations of rural life and the harsh realities of modernity while living in a humble village home in a far-flung region of South Africa. The book was made possible by an international crowd-funding campaign; a fundraiser for a youth organization, Against All Odds (AAO), a community-led initiative to keep young teens away from gang activities. This donation earned Adam an invite to stay in the village indefinitely.

In 2019, having been banned from Europe (his then-home) for three years, Adam set his sights on Southeast Asia where he told the story of rural communities throughout the Greater Sunda Islands of Indonesia during the COVID-19 crisis; using his network to set-up several fundraisers which provided food to over 80 village families for 3 weeks or more.

The cultural appreciation he picked up during this time would inspire his 2023 walking expedition through the far eastern islands of Indonesia’s archipelago. Adam’s most impressive exploration is yet to come, having funded two large expeditions set to begin in late 2023-2024.

The first is an overland journey spanning part of the Silk Road where Adam will travel with a film crew across the Chatkal Mountains of Central Asia through Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.

The second, a 1,200-kilometer journey tracing the footsteps of Abraham in the holiest of lands. Traversing some of the most dangerous borders on Earth.

July 2020

Adam moved away in 2015 and he has been abroad ever since in places as far as remote islands in Asia to rural villages in northern Africa. He’s always looking for the next adventure and story to tell.

He has traveled eight years, four continents, and over forty countries while assimilating himself into countless cultures. He has been to rural African shantytowns where Westerners haven’t and has toasted villages of drunken locals in the countryside of Georgia who don’t speak a lick of English.

He believes his experiences and longevity living abroad give him extra insights other travel journalists in the industry don’t have; experience on the road!

He loves talking about his adventures and the places he has been. If you’re interested, just ask! Check out his story & travel journal for more on that.

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