Part 5 of 5: Promoting Yourself & the Secret to Real Monetization

Exclusive crash course for early success on Medium.

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Hello! Welcome to the five-part series and a full-blown introduction to the Medium platform. In this crash course, we will look at various parts of the Medium equation. Then, we will figure out how you can jump-start your success on the platform.


  • Part 1: Intro & Familiarizing Yourself with the Platform
  • Part 2: Creating a Writing Schedule
  • Part 3: Publications
  • Part 4: Building your Medium Clan
  • Part 5 (You are here): Promoting Yourself & the Secret to Real Monetization

The importance of self-promotion on Medium

Can you get by without promoting your work on Medium?


In fact, that’s why many of us have turned to Medium. To escape the rabbit hole that is endless self-promotion on other platforms. Medium has found a way that you can focus on content — and solely content — and still find an audience. That means you can spend all your energy focused on the writing if you want.

But you have to decide your purpose on Medium. Is it to organize your thoughts and ideas? Is it to get your voice heard by as many as possible? Is it to build an audience for your personal brand? Is it to promote yourself in other places?

Whatever it may be, you need to consider how best to achieve your goal. For me, writing is only half of it. I want people to engage with my life’s journey. Eventually, I want to build a following large enough to lead me to other opportunities. For that, I must self-promote.

Medium, for me, is just a branch of my brand. Albeit, a large branch as it’s one of the best places I can use my words to influence, but still only a part of the grand plan. First, figure out what Medium is for you.

Medium’s vehicles for self-promotion

I’ll admit, if we were tied down to traditional online promotion for Medium, I would likely not have the patience. Popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are tired to me. I’ve tried for years to build a following on each of them and for what? — a couple thousand ‘followers’? It just doesn’t work for me.

But promotion on Medium is different. Actually, isn’t it counter-intuitive to promote writing in a place focused on images?

Instead, there are a few places I’d rather promote:


If you followed along in Part 4 of our Medium Success guide, you’d know I’m pro-LinkedIn. Especially in the case of building your authority for Medium. Why? People listen to original thoughts on Medium. You’re not drowned out by the noise.

It’s a space for intellect. You won’t get roused by people for bringing thoughtful content to the stage.

It’s a professional place. Therefore, your network matters more. Opportunities present themselves more frequently. You never know who you will hear from on LinkedIn. It’s exciting.

Lastly, why I chose to start publishing and sharing on LinkedIn in the first place: it’s easy!

LinkedIn is one of the easiest places to grow an audience, make connections, and reach more people. Don’t believe me? The proof is in the pudding:

“Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn has no filtered feed. When you post an update to your LinkedIn company page, it appears in your followers’ feeds, regardless of how often they have interacted with your posts in the past.

This means that all your efforts to build your page are rewarded with a captive audience; and aren’t hindered or filtered by an algorithm.”

Here’s my LinkedIn if you want to connect!


Quora was brand new to me when I started on Medium. In the past, I would find Quora in my Google searches when looking for quick answers. This is what makes it perfect for promoting Medium!

It ranks well in Google and is a place people go for answers. Our purpose on Quora is to be that answer for people!

To do this, we need to be as helpful as we can. Use information from content you’ve already written to save time!

Have an article you want to promote? Ask yourself what questions the content answers and see if you can’t find a question on Quora about it.

Then, leave your expert answer and make sure to link your article for reference. You’ll be amazed at how much extra traffic this can bring you. And with such little effort!

Be sure that your answers are thoughtful and fulfilling and you will succeed on Quora.

Pro Tip: I usually answer 2–4 questions per day with links to my articles in each of my answers.


Like Quora, I didn’t start using LinkTree until I started on Medium. But I’m glad I did! This effort takes no time on your part and can lead to a stronger connection with your audience.

You’ll see LinkTree in other writer’s bios on Medium. You should do the same. Create a LinkTree, then add some links to other ways for connecting.

Don’t understand? Go to the site and create an account. It will make sense pretty quickly after that. Here’s my LinkTree for reference.

LinkTree is a great way to stay organized. Present yourself to an audience without overwhelming. I include links to my Substack Newsletter, ConvertKit Course, LinkedIn profile, Patreon, and my personal portfolio for prospective new clients.


Substack is the most intimate way to reach an audience of dedicated followers — and potentially get paid! It’s a newsletter platform that allows your audience to subscribe to and pay for more exclusive content — like Patreon, if you’ve heard of that.

However, I suggest starting with a free newsletter. Let your audience get to know you first.

There are a lot of strategies on Substack so we won’t get into that here. However, there are plenty of resources on Medium and YouTube that will help you succeed on Substack.

Think of it as a paid subscription to YOU. You are the niche. Your subscribers are interested in YOU. And want more of YOU.

By the way, if you haven’t subscribed to my Substack already, check it out here.


Finally, ConvertKit.

ConvertKit is how you ended up enrolled in this course.

Simply put, it’s the best way to build an email list on the Internet. And people always say the quickest way to monetize a business is through an email list. Therefore, to monetize your personal brand (outside of Medium), start a ConvertKit list.

My Medium course is free — but many Medium writers use ConvertKit to sell. And it’s a great platform for that.

You have to pay monthly, though, which is a drag. It’s $29 a month which is quite steep for writers with no following yet.

So, my suggestion is to build an audience first and keep ConvertKit on the back burner for later. I wouldn’t include ConvertKit in this beginner’s course if it wasn’t important for the future.

It’s the best way to turn your pursuits on Medium into a full-time career.

There you have it. The full 5-part series about how to succeed from the start, on one of my favorite platforms ever.

I hope you have learned something (or a lot of things). And that your Medium journey gets off on the right foot because of it. I wouldn’t be where I am in my journey if it wasn’t for those who showed me the Medium light.

Don’t be afraid to reach out if you have questions and I will always do my best to guide you to a helpful resource or answer. Thanks a lot for following along and if you haven’t followed me on Medium, please, I would be eternally grateful.

Read the other lessons in the “Read More” section below. See ya!

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