For more about The Lost Years, you can watch the video.

The Story

Five friends meet up in Southeast Asia to re-capture their dreams.

You have my attention, now explain . . .

We came to an agreement that we had spent too many years as puppets to society’s standards. We were making decisions not based on what we wanted but what others told us to do.

The Lost Years represents exactly what the name says; the years we’ve lost to hesitation and being walked on by others. It was time we started doing things for us, and this project is the result of that idea.

Sounds interesting, who is involved?

The same people behind The Chance Project. Check out the video below.

OK – 31 challenges, can you name a few?

Sure. There are some big challenges such as crashing a wedding and sailing to a new country. But there are also some smaller ones such as getting in touch with an old friend and sending a message in a bottle (in an environmentally friendly way, of course).

Some of our favorites are making a documentary (you can check out the final product here) and drinking snake blood (like Leo in our favorite travel movie).

You can see the entire list at the bottom of this page.

What’s the goal?

Just as our video above describes, we want to ask people what their dreams are and, hopefully, help others cross some things off their lists (one of the challenges is “Make someone’s dream come true”).

We will eventually leave another group of travelers a map to a list of challenges to keep the spirit of The Lost Years going far beyond when we finish The List.

So, you complete a few challenges . . . What else?

The List is only part of the idea behind The Lost Years. We are building our platform with this project in hopes of doing social-good to our planet and our society.

We have left possibilities open for now, but the bigger picture stands as much more than reclaiming our dreams; we want to use The Lost Years to do something truly beneficial for humanity.

And where are you now?

That answer is forever-changing. At the moment, we are based in Bali, Indonesia – or, as we like to call it, Heaven on Earth.

Photo collage in Bali

How can I help?

Of course, if you can help us complete any of the more difficult challenges below (i.e. Have a connection to a yacht we can sail on or something like that) please reach us so we can complete our list.

But beyond ourselves, our goal is to get others recapturing their own years; their years lost to indecision and others’ desires. If you really want to help us achieve our goal, make your own list and start doing!

As the cheesy line goes; “The best time to start was yesterday!

And, it’s true. The sooner we can help others achieve their dreams, the sooner we will feel better about ours.

Can I follow along on the journey?

Yes! We have a dedicated Instagram and YouTube channel which we encourage anyone in need of some inspiration to follow!

OK – now let’s see this list!

First, here’s our cheesy trailer – the first piece of content The Lost Years ever produced.

And, now, here is The List.

Here are the 31 Challenges on The List.