“We are undeniably in the middle of a psychedelic renaissance.”

How the healing powers of these drugs are becoming more accessible.

Photo by Tony Sebastian on Unsplash

This morning, I ran into the most complete first-hand account of an Ayahuasca experience I’ve ever read.

It was an introspective reflection of the day-by-day experience on this mystic drug. An experience that took place at a legal medical resort in Costa Rica, written by Julia Blum. I wish I could find her on LinkedIn to credit her. It’s well worth your time.

Is it true — Are we in the middle of a psychedelic comeback?

It’s often hard to talk publicly about experiences under psychedelics. Many accounts I’ve read seem unrealistic — even to me. It’s hard to gauge individual impact. There is nothing but glowing representation all over the internet. Does this overshadow potential negative side effects?

I’ve become interested in psychedelics over the course of the past year. But not necessarily the out-of-body experiences one may receive (like Julia). Instead, I take more fascination n the more casual experience of microdosing.

Microdosing is a relatively new phenomenon. It’s the process of consuming a very low quantity of hallucinogens — not even enough to become high. In some instances, only one-twentieth of a recreational dosage.

The purpose is not to undergo whole-body effects. But, rather, to reap the sub-perceptual benefits of its healing powers.

Microdosing participants have reported improved well-being.

In some instances, helping with addiction struggles, anxiety, depression, focus, creativity, social skills, energy, and many more positive results.

Most plant-based microdosing involves psilocybin mushrooms. Others microdose with LSD.

But, let me be clear: This is not a ‘trip’.

By consuming unnoticeable, micro amounts (every 3–4 days), you are seeking long-term changes in body chemistry. In fact, if you receive immediate effects, it could be a sign you have consumed too much. That’s not the point of this.

It’s not only a Silicon Valley trend.

Many high-level business professionals have caught onto the ‘fad’ of microdosing. Particularly, in the Silicon Valley area where innovation and creativity are a must. The impact has been exponential.

Now, many are pushing for the use of these drugs to be as acceptable as a morning coffee.

But it’s not only happening in Silicon Valley. As a matter of fact, last year, Oregon became the first state to legalize the medical use of magic mushrooms.

The point being, these psychedelics are legitimate healers. Even the government is starting to accept it.

What do we need to do to normalize these medicines?

For all intents and purposes, psychedelics are still very taboo. I was too afraid to share this article on my LinkedIn, for example. I wondered what prospective employers would think.

That’s the problem, though. We’ve yet to normalize the use of psychedelics like cannabis has been normalized, to a degree. 

So, what do we need to do?

First, more legislation must be introduced. As Oregon has already taken a step in the right direction, other states have begun to decriminalize the drug.

This is a major step.

Reversing the narrative on these special drugs will not be easy. There were huge smear campaigns decades ago against psychedlics. Inflating the dangers and even falsely accusing them for one-off incidents.

These drugs aren’t dangerous. 

They’re just misunderstood to this point. Soon, that will not be the case. Things have already begun to change.

Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash

Psychedelics have always been known to unleash a side of a person’s soul. Now, real efforts are being made to make the science public knowledge.

At the resort in which Julia had her experience, 97% of visitors report experiencing miracles. This being six months after they return home, eliminating recency bias.

The high percentage speaks for itself.

This is an exciting time for those of us who believe in the healing nature of these powerful drugs. Soon, it will be as mainstream as recreational marijuana.

Note: If you plan to experiment with psychedelics of any kind, it is smart to consult with a medical professional. Make sure you’re under the supervision of someone who has had experiences with the drug. Whether it be microdosing or recreational use.

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